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Oakland Roofing Contractors NC has been serving the good people of North Carolina for many years now. We have performed hundreds of jobs and gaining more experience and skill each day. Today, our company has a team of dedicated workmen and hardworking staff. We are proud to say we are among the best roofing contractors Oaklands has. Our skill in roofing installation is second to none.

We know how daunting things can be in construction work. Through the year we have seen personally how many contractors attempt to rob their clients. As such, we are dedicated to providing you, our customer and client, the best we possibly can. With respect to every avenue with strict and open transparency in every decision we make. You are the boss when it comes to us, and we’ll only put our foot down when it comes to you and your family’s safety. As such, here are some of the options and services we offer when doing a roof installation Oaklands project with us!

A multitude of materials and styles

When looking to install a new roof, it is important to know your options and when working with us. Your options are nearly limitless! From strength and durability to longevity and cost. We analyze each and every option available to find which suits you and your home best. With decades of collective experience, we are more than qualified to handle any roofing installation job you can throw at us! Some of the options we offer include:


Shingle Roof Installation

Shingles are a good option for both residential and commercial use, though it is mostly used in residential areas for its often cheap and affordable price range. Coming in a wide variety of styles and sizes, two of the more popular choices are asphalt and stone/fiber cement roofing slates. In comparison, asphalt is the lighter and cheaper option, sacrificing durability and lifespan for a more user-friendly approach. The slates, on the other hand, are much heavier and long-lasting, made to last an estimated 100 years and longer, though at an increased price point.

Oaklands roofing contractors NC

Metal Roofing Installation

Having grown in popularity in the past decade and a half, metal roofing has become one of the most popular roofing installation requests we receive. A more costly option, metal roofing installation comes in many different styles and sizes, costing less in the long run than many other roofing options and with a host of coatings to help improve its effectiveness.

 If you are interested in roofing and roofing installation, call us today and we’ll give you a quote absolutely free or leave your details online and we’ll call you!

Tile Roofing Installation

Coming in many styles and make-ups, it is a common material for residential areas. Made for durability, they are oftentimes the heaviest type of roofing option around, but comes with superb durability, fire and wind resistance and a variety of materials; like clay, slate, and concrete!

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