Wilmington nc Siding Repair is dedicated constantly to putting your needs first. Our workmanship, support and customer care is second to none. And our experts have become one of the leading contractors for roofing in this area by offering peace of mind to thousands of homeowners throughout Wilmington. We provide a wide range of roofing services including preventive maintenance of coatings, repairs, and roof repair work. Our staff will help extend the life of your current roof via our scheduled maintenance program.

We take roofing as seriously as our customer service and treat every roofing project with the utmost professionalism. Thanks to our contribution to customer satisfaction we were effectively Wilmingtons favorite roofing contractor! We acknowledge the importance of a high-quality roof and would be pleased to provide references on requests, all to ensure your happiness in using us. The team is very proud to create long-term customer relationships and we believe as an organization that quality craftsmanship and design is only the beginning of a successful roofing system.

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Unlike other roofing firms, we go beyond the basics with our creative maintenance schemes, extended warranties and great customer service, ensuring our customers satisfaction and the long-term success of their roof. Sometimes the area of your roof’s trusses, rafters or sheathing may require another amount of pressure to drive a nail effectively.  A nail gun does not apply as much pressure as possible. That can cause the nail to partially bounce out of place, stick out or go all the way through the shingle. It also turns the screw improperly, except if the roofer keeps it at the right angle. Holding the right angle can be a difficult process when lugging the nail gun and air hose around a cornered roof top.

A simple but professional roofing hammer, by contrast, gives our experts complete control of every single shingle.  It’s pretty simple, we just take the time and effort to get the job done right. Part of roofing replacements are coatings that are not as disruptive or costly as a traditional full roof replacement.

The power of the coatings will halt some of the most severe storms of Mother Nature. You are less likely to have to spend on repairs, or even a new roof after a severe storm. Saving you money by standing up to powerful storms. It can also reflect the heat of reflective coatings on the walls, which means. It can help keep the building cooler and need less air conditioning. Any year, this can add up!  Project is one of our specialties and many of our customers rely on us to advise them. On the best solutions for their homes, be it siding, roofing, decks or other home improvements. Our founders have extensive experience working for other contracting firms as well.

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