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The modern shakes available on the market today are much more study when compared to those of the past. They are thicker than the older hand-split ones and are usually left with a rougher and more corrugated surface texture that may turn some people off. They can be used to bring an antique/vintage feeling to your home that can make your home the centerpiece of the town.

Sawed as well as split modern wooden shingles remain, but they vary from the historical shingles. Modern shakes that are commercially available are usually thicker than the old handsplit ones and usually are left with a rough and corrugated surface. The shake on the rough surface is often seen as “rustic” and “historic,” but actually it is a contemporary version.

Types of Shingles

Modern Wood Shingles Roofing Wilmington NC

Some contemporary shingles are manufactured in pre-cut ornamental designs, sometimes referred to as fancy-cut shingles and accessible for subsequent painting. The sides are rectangular, squared and re-butted, meaning that the sides are parallel and the bottom quadratic to the side. Shingles are now redesigned. They are more uniform and therefore more smoothly mounted.

Shingles are less durable than shakes, especially in humid environments; shakes are completed with a drawbar or comparable instrument that leaves a soft surface that resists the penetration of water; and this slows down the micro-organisms’ that cause the wood to soften. Furthermore, rather than sifting, it only guarantees straight grains (much higher and less likely to warp) by the technique used to divide shakes.

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Recycled Rubber Shake Shingles

These shingles are a little bit different when compared to wooden ones. Rubber Shingles come in similar dimensions, around 16’’ by 8’’ on average, but are more durable and less maintenance heavy. They are made most often out of recycled tires and last far longer than wooden shingles. These are also quite easy on the eyes and are often made with the appearance of wood so as not to give your home an artificial feel. They last longer, don’t rust, are waterproof, resists curling and fading, rarely discolor and don’t crack or bend. You will find them to be the perfect shingling solution for those who wish for a natural appeal without all the hassle. Contact us today for more information and for a free quote to get started on your wooden roof today!

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