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Increase Your Home’s Value with a New Roof from Wilmington Roofing Contractors

Then you have come to the right place. With years of experience and a legacy of greatness, Wilmington Roofing contractors are here to help you get the best possible roofing results at a fraction of the cost. We’ll handle all of your Wilmington NC roofing needs with a quality assurance guarantee! We do it all, from mundane to exotic, all with exquisite workmanship and a smile.

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We’re a roofing contractor and installer, operating primarily in Wilmington and surrounding areas. We are a registered roofing repair and installation service provider with decades of collective experience and a legacy of quality work. Our staff has all undergone extensive training and mentorship so that before they reach your roof, they’re already the best of the best.

Anything related to roofing, we can do. Our range of services is vast, including but not limited to:

  • repairs to facilities and commercial roofing or residential properties
  • fresh installations and refurbishing
  • Quotes and examination
  • Planning and off-sight assistance

We aim to provide our clientele with the most variety of choice in partnership with the greatest quality imaginable. Our installation services are second to none, and our on-site teams are highly qualified to handle and work on a variety of roofing types. 

    What Type of Roofing Services Do We Provide?

    Washington Roofing Contractors

    Asphalt Shingles Roof

    North Carolina Roofers

    Natural Slate Roof

    Wilmington Roofing Contractors

    Wood Shingles Roof

    Wilmington Roofing Contractors

    Low Slope / Flat Roof

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    North Carolina Roofers

    Corrugated Metal Roof

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    Standing Seam Metal Roof

    North Carolina Roofers

    Metal Shingle Roof

    Local Roofing Services In Wilmington NC

    We’re a local service operating out of Wilmington, NC and offer the residents of Wilmington and surrounding areas quality of service unmatched by our competitors.  We set a standard that our clients all know well and respect and set a trend rather than follow it. Our legacy is excellence and we strive every day to uphold it and keep growing ever more masterful at our craft and skill.

      We Always Provide A Guarantee

      Our staff, both on-site and off, are fully licensed and trained to ensure the best results imaginable, whether you’re roof is being installed or repaired. We aim for excellence and to build on our reputation! We pledge to check up and ensure all products fulfil and meet the high expectations we set in the roofing sector and in the very unlikely case you are not 100% satisfied with our service.

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      Wilmington Roofing Contractors

      What To Look Out For As You Might Be Headed For a Leaking Roof

      There are plenty of indicators that your roof might need a repair or replacement, with leaks and cracks being the obvious signs. Early detection and action can mitigate the damage considerably, leading to fewer costs and less time needed for repairing or replacing. We make sure our client has all the information before them before they make a decision. Some roofs only need a bit of repair work, and we’ll be honest when you come to us to ensure you only spend the amount necessary.


      Signs that something needs to be done soon

      • Flaking paint or broken tiling
      • Rotting parts or missing shingles
      • Internal moisture and sagging
        Roofing Service In Wilmington NC
        Roofing Service In Wilmington NC

        At Wilmington Roofing Contractors you can choose to replace your roof without removing the Roof

        It’s common for many roofing companies to offer a roof-on-roof service, meaning that they build and install the new roof on top of your pre-existing one. While it is not a service we often recommend, we’re aware that many people cannot afford a completely new roofing system done overnight. As such, for our lighter materials, we do offer this service as well.

        If you have already done this, however, we recommend a fresh installation, as the increase in weight can have dire consequences. Unlying layers may rot away and make the roof unstable, while in the best case senario you buy a few more years. Roof-on-roof projects typically don’t last very long, meaning that in the long run, it might be better to install a fresh roof and remove the old one.

        Consider the removal and replacement of the roof

        The more reliable and costly option, we recommend this option even when building on an existing roof is possible. Not only does it open up the possibility for a more diverse set of materials, but it prevents future costs by nipping the problem in the bud. Many modern roofing materials and techniques, when done by professionals such as ourselves, have a much longer lifespan than others, upward of 5 decades.

        The removal is the hard part in projects like this, as we have to be careful not to cause any more damage to the foundation and the scale differs from material to material and is dependent also on its layout. With that being the case though, it also allows us time to work on the roof deck and do any reinforcement if necessary.

        We’ll also work to ensure that proper drainage is employed to help prolong the lifespan of your roof, an essential part of getting the most out of your roof. Interested? Contact us today for a free quote and inspection and to see how we can help make your dream roof a reality.

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