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Also known as built up roofing, low slope roofs installations are unique from its many counterparts. These roofs are literally built layer by layer, increasing the overall strength of the roof and are usually made with materials such as tar, concrete or asphalt and cold adhesive. Its also made with a slight inclination, meaning it’s not effectively flat to prevent water buildup and puddling.

Wilmington Roofing Contractors has the skill and knowledge to achieve any roofing task effectively and professionally and low slope roofing is no exception. While it is most popular with commercial building owners, there is a niche market for those seeking it out for their residential homes as well. We’ve completed many low sloping roofs in our time and have left many of our customers satisfied with their life-long roofing solutions.

How Does A Flat Roof Work?

Usually made with shingles, it relies heavily on gravity for its water removal and resistance, made so that water flows in one particular direction so to shed the water.  Proper guttering is thus mandatory for this design, as the flowing water must go somewhere.

A constant membrane might be added for covering and it is used for modern, low-lying roofs to be better able to withstand standing water pools.  These membranes are used as ongoing sheets, connected to heat soldering or to sticks.  Sealed metal roofs with copper or tin include a more costly low slope or flat roof option. These are soldered metal panel interlocking systems.

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Unlike the past, there are many options and techniques available to increase the longevity of low slope roofing and prevent expansion and contraction due to the elements. For more details, contact us today and get your free quote while you’re at it!

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