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Slate/Shingle Metal Roofing Wilmington NC

If you’re looking for visual appeal, durability, ease of installation and instant results, then shingle metal roofing is the choice for you! Taking the classic shingle design and incorporating a metal makeup, metal shingle roofing is without a doubt one of the best options available the world over with a beautiful finish and long-lasting results.

Shingle Metal Roofing

Ranking second most popular in terms of metal roofing popularity, shingles are easy to install with a wide variety in terms of design, color, finish and material. There is an option for everyone and with so much choice, the number of outcomes is endless. Most commonly found shingles are made of Galvanized steel and aluminium but there are copper and zinc alternatives available as well.

Installing with us

When considering cost, it’s important to realize that while some choices are cheaper in the short term, they’re more costly in the long. There are many options available when it comes to metal shingles, but rest assured that our installation and repair services are peanuts compared to our competition, all while using high-quality materials for all our products, saving you time and money, in present and future.

Repairs and Costs

Cost in every slate / shingles metal roofing project is one of the main things to consider. Be comfortable, because when you work with us we give fair and honest evaluations. For many years we have served Wilmington, North Carolina. Our reputation as quality installers still stands in everything we do. We guarantee that our roof installations are competitively priced!

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